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Ensuring The Safety Of Your Data, Code And Intellectual Property

Web development is quite an intricate and unique process which is the trend of the town. With the increasing popularity of web development platforms, an increasing number of firms are turning towards skimming profits with the help of this platform. However, with the increasing popularity of the platform, there have been increasing threats regarding data and coding which can turn into some serious intellectual property threat. It is because of this reason that it becomes extremely important that the offshore web development firm must be equipped with the relevant tools and team to handle such situations.

At Acube Innovations, we take such security threats quite seriously and it is for this reason that we are equipped with all the required resources to tackle such situations and threats. Our team of professionals is all deft in performing regular check-ups and improving the overall health of the website and application.


Why focus on security?

Security threats are among the most common impediments in the current scenario which hamper the growth and popularity of the website. The modern-day business houses are well aware of the security considerations and its importance and it is because of this reason that they are ready to spend their resources in preventing the happening of such events. 

As an offshore web development firm, we are committed to creating a safe and secure environment for our clients which reduces the security breaches and potential threats; for a company, it is a matter of their reputation and creditworthiness in the market for a website which is prone to breaches in security and hacks is less likely to be trusted in the market.

Complete network security and health check-ups


Our team of technical developers has created a firewall to protect the core system from getting damaged. With the help of a content filtering system and network monitoring systems, it becomes easier to keep the overall development code and system. The anti-virus software installed in the systems is all equipped with sufficient security considerations. What more? They are also constantly updated to keep pace with the changing technology and objectives of the business.

In the simplest terms, it means that it is because of the safety considerations and norms followed at Acube Innovations,we become practically invisible to the outside world. This helps us to stay safe from the malicious attacks of the outside world. With the help of content filtering systems, we make serious efforts to prevent the users from visiting rogue websites, thus ensuring the credibility of the website. Most external attacks take place because of such inappropriate websites and by blocking the entry of these websites, we make sure to keep the system protected.


Restricting through physical access

At Acube Innovations, we make sure to restrict the entry of anyone and everyone in the development centre. Key cards and access logs are reviewed on a periodic basis so as to identify the discrepancies in the system. What more? If any deviations from the usual routine are identified, we investigate the problem at our level.

Security for desktop

Securing the desktop is of primary concern when it comes to security policies at Acube Innovations. We do not allow the distribution of any writable disks so that the data remains safe and secure. Moreover, we only upload only the most important software on the system of the developer. If any of our technicians want to upload any other software, he will need permissions from the concerned authorities. Acube Innovations takes care of the fact that the security considerations of the client are always given first priority and it is because of this reason that all the security norms and protocols are decided from the perspective of the firm.


Complete security on part of the staff

The staff at Acube Innovations are all well acquainted with the needs of the industry and on the basis of that, will design a plan which is not only reliable but at the same time, fully equipped with the resources to design a customised web development platform. All the developers are given access to the projects that they are assigned. Moreover, we also get a non-disclosure agreement signed by all of our team members which puts them in a legal position, ensuring complete security and transparency of the processes.

In addition to this, if your project requires extra security, we are more than willing to accommodate and modify the contract. Our contract shall include a substantial solution to all of your security concerns which ensures that you shall not have to worry about anything in general.


A dedicated team of professionals

The very fact that we encompass a dedicated team of professionals is evident enough proof of our commitment towards the work. We make it a point to incorporate some of the most talented pool of technicians, developers and designers in the country who are all maestros in their respective fields. 

On the whole, Acube Innovations offers you a platform like no other firm in the country. Our finesse and expertise in handling the projects is what distinguishes us from our competitors and gives us an edge over them in the industry. Hire us to get quality work done within a specified time without any hassles. For more information, you can also leave a query as our technicians get in touch with you with the relevant solution.


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