The Best Place To Begin

This course is aimed at introducing the professionals to the basic concepts of GIS technology. This GIS training course covers principles of GIS and technologies associated with such as GPS (global positioning system), Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging), remote sensing, Digital Photogrammetry and more. As for career oriented direction, topics such as Functions of GIS, Data representation in GIS, and Applications of GIS are discussed at length.


The Next Step

This GIS training course is for professionals who are ready to develop applications with GIS, we introduce the professionals to technologies like QGIS, GRASS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System) and GIS APIs. Basically here professionals are trained to develop applications using the GIS technology. Training is given to manage PostGIS DB, spatial analysis using Spatial DB, plugin development using C++, understanding the code and API of QGIS, and Developing standalone GIS applications using QGIS API.



GIS Professional

This GIS training covers advanced topics such as Mobile Mapping with GPS, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Image Pre-Processing Techniques, Raster Data Structures, Map Layout & Printing, Types of Errors and their Resolutions and post processing. In this GIS training, professionals are taught to develop GIS application from scratch to finish. This training also helps professionals to understand and solve the problems and bugs associated with the GIS development process.


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