WebGIS Development

With our expertise and experience with GIS technology, we at GISAxiom have set high standards of GIS application development here in Kerala. Our GIS solutions are for everyone from governments for tacking diseases to organizations trying to manage their assets in a efficient way. GIS applications can give organization a different view on data, with the geographical element included in the overall data representation. Our GIS application development is based on the user requirement, code quality and the overall usability of the application. The GIS application needs to populate and display the data in such a way that easier to analyze and is open to adding and deleting data in the long run. Overall our GIS application process is all about the user experience and client satisfaction.

GIS Application Development

Developing countries are using GIS in a scale which is difficult out down in words, the rate of growth of developing countries is partially due to their acceptance of GIS technology. For example, United Nations has been using GIS to track diseases and famines in Africa. GIS enabled city planning applications have combined the geographical considerations with available resources when it comes to building a city from the ground up or even having the technology to accelerate the city redevelopment process as well. Crime mapping with GIS has helped law enforcement agencies around the world to tackle and actively prevent crimes in their respective areas.


GIS Mobile App Development

GIS application can be scaled up or down according to the scale of the need or the scale the expected output as well. For example, retail businesses have been using GIS technology for along time for choosing business locations, choosing logistics routes and more. Our GIS application development process can also mobile into the mix of things as well. As smartphones tends to have a larger footprint in the public spaces, so it is important that every application has to be accessible via smartphone as well. Our GIS application development makes sure that the application works on multiple platforms such as web, smartphone, tabs and more.


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