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An insight into the flexibility of the billing models at Acube Innovations

Web development is certainly the need of the hour and has found its purpose for various small and large scale business houses. Every firm, no matter what line of business it is involved in, feels the need to have a website or an application designed so as to increase and expand the scale of its operations. However, designing and developing a website requires the constant supervision of an expert which is something that requires the investment of sufficient resources.

The crux of finances

Financial resources occupy the topmost priority when it comes to deciding on what kind of firm should you choose and what are the services you can avail. While most offshore web development firm has a rigid pricing model which does not have any room for improvement or changes, at Acube Innovations, we have adapted to a completely new and fresh approach. Our pricing strategies are quite fresh and flexible which allows us to make the most of the available resources and at the same time, maximise the output.

Billing models as per requirement

Our pricing models are curated after giving a great deal of thought on the needs of the clients and the industry. We have designed our services keeping in mind the needs of every small and large scale business house. As an offshore web development agency, Acube Innovations ensures to offer quality work at an affordable price.

If you are a new firm or are working with us for the first time, have a look at the basic pricing models that we follow in our agency-

Hourly pricing

An example of one of the simplest models of billing in deciding on the hourly pricing method which gives you complete documentation and communication while at the same time, ensures the enforcement of discipline in the firm. This particular billing model can be of great use if the client has loads of data as it allows the agency to pay detailed attention to the time and expenses incurred in planning the activities. Moreover, it also allows the agency to stay in constant touch with the client. 

If you are looking to work with freelancers who do not have anything to do with your firm, you can go with this billing and pricing model. Moreover, if app development is what you want from the web development agency, it would be suitable to adapt to this billing model as it shall reduce the chances of errors and deviations.

Dedicated resource pricing

If you wish to understand dedicated pricing, just understand it like a regular paycheck. This particular billing model requires you to have a pre-billed fee for a fixed volume of work. The amount of fee can be decided on the basis of several factors including time. For instance, if you wish to buy 50 hours a month at $50 an hour, it would be a part of the pricing model. 

Retainers are mainly of two types- the rolling and the use-it-or-lose-it retainer. While in the rolling retainer, clients can carry forward the unused hours to the next month, it is the latter in which, any amount of unused time is not carried forward and is lost then and there. 

With the help of the retainer system, you are free to earn profits on your investment, provided you chose the retainer type carefully. The retainer system increases the efficiency and maximises the investment made. 

Project-based fixed pricing

Another simple model that is followed at Acube Innovations is that of project-based pricing which allows the developer to charge a fixed amount of money irrespective of the time or cost involved. If you are in for a value-based pricing model, it would be preferred to take the help of the project-based pricing method. This type of model is usually preferred by clients who want us to do similar work for a persistent period of time. The use of this method allows them to cut down on costs and increase profits. 

Value based pricing

If you are looking for a form of pricing that offers you compete for satisfaction and value for your work, value based pricing is what you are looking for. Satisfaction forms the core factor of this form of billing and at Acube Innovations, we make sure to not let money come in the way of providing satisfaction to the client.

Acube Innovations ensures that all the billing models presented by us to our clients are on the basis of their needs and requirements. We have studied the industry quite carefully and on the same parameters, we aspire to offer services that are satisfying as well as affordable. Contact us to know more about our pricing structure and billing model. Our technical experts shall offer the right solutions to your queries.


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