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Maintaining The Scale Of Your Business Operations Through Efficient Project Management

Project management is an integral aspect of a web development process and assists a firm in scheduling the work as per the allotted time. If there is any delay in the projects, it might have an adverse impact on the reputation of the firm and its clientele. At Acube Innovations, we take all of our projects quite seriously and this is one of the major reasons why our clients trust us for long term relationships. We work in an environment that offers a great deal of enthusiasm to our staff and keeps them focused on the timely completion of the projects.

Brag the best

Acube Innovations is a leading provider of web development solutions and in all the years of our establishment, we have constantly tried to build a name for ourselves through quality work. We incorporate top-notch technology and make use of the leading names to cater to the requirements of our clients and this is something that makes us the best in the field. 

We use Microsoft Teams for communication, JIRA for project management and Hubstaff for providing live reporting all these good tools just google for more information. This accounts for our USP and provides us an edge over our competitors. The use of JIRA for the purpose of project management queries ensures that our clients shall not have to worry about the completion of the project or the delivery of the output. JIRA certainly offers unbeatable performance.


Edge over others

We make use of software that can be customized to obtain the highest degree of perfection. Moreover, the entire work is more streamlined and centralized reducing the hassles like double counting. Each of our projects goes through a series of processes and workflows which reduces the glitches in the system and improves communication. 

JIRA is a leader and there are reasons to back it. The software offers a comprehensive solution for projects which are both traditional and agile. 

The very fact that JIRA has an agile framework contributes to the popularity of the framework.It incorporates mainly four principles which are-

  • Making use of holistic software over lengthy documentation 
  • Collaborating with the customer rather than negotiating contracts
  • Incorporating individuals and interactions over tools and processes
  • Adapting to the changes and dynamism in the environment rather than following a specific plan


JIRA is the ideal choice for people who are looking for a wholesome approach for project management. Whether it is a marketing-based project, finance or a remote company looking for someone to manage your projects, JIRA offers the perfect assistance for the tasks required in creating the desired project. 

The tool is one of the most reliable and customizable project management tools available for people and businesses. Working on the software is not complicated if you understand the basic functioning of the tools. Here are some basic features of JIRA which make it a reliable software for managing the projects-

Organized workflows

One of the major advantages of incorporating JIRA as the major project management at Acube Innovations is the fact that it allows our team to customize the projects as per the requirement of the client. We can decide on what work should take priority and on the basis of that, can schedule the tasks and their chronology. What more? The tool also allows the team to keep a check on what part of the work is completed and what issues need attention.

The tool also contains some in-built workflows which can be used for a seamless experience. In addition to this, the very fact that you can customize the tool also gives a great deal of flexibility to the team to include changes. 

Track the work done

Another major benefit of making use of the tool is the fact that it makes it quite easy to track the progress. All that you need to do is make use of the time tracking software which allows you to assign a specific time to each and every task. This keeps a check on the entire work and also ensures that the project is delivered on time with no bugs. The tool allows the team to prepare timesheets for the entire staff which makes it quite easy to manage the project. The use of Hubstaff also encourages steady and smooth time tracking.

No need to fret for permissions

Permissions are never an issue when it comes to JIRA and it is one of the major reasons why Acube Innovations has been an admirer of the tool for a significant time. Every person who is a part of the team gets access to edit, assign tasks and comment on the ongoing task. This not only increases the accountability of each and every team member but at the same time, ensures timely delivery of the work. 

Another feature of the tool is that you can make changes in the permission at any time. This means that if you do not want some members of your team to stay associated with the core project, you can easily change the permissions according to security considerations. So, in case you are worried about the safety and security of your project at Acube Innovations, fret not for we have the perfect solution for the security loopholes and patches.

Acube Innovations brings the perfect solutions for your problems concerning project management and timely delivery of projects. Our team of professionals makes use of the JIRA tool for managing the project and is completely deft in using the tool. We shall equip you with relevant suggestions and solutions while at the same time, provide you with desired results. Contact us for more information regarding the same.


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