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Flexible Norms For Project Management-The Key To Speedy Deliveries

Project management is one of the major needs of most web development firms in the present times. With an increasing demand for innovative web solutions, there is a need for structured and flexible development methodology. At Acube Innovations, we offer the perfect amalgamation of technical and disciplinary aesthetics which allows us to maximise the project and deliver the best to our clients.

A unique approach to the
project management process

Acube Innovations offers a structured and agile approach to project development and management. We are committed to completing the project to perfection within the promised time. We usually take a maximum of a week to finish with a milestone in our projects. This offers us a considerable amount of time to review and approve the overall work done on the project. In addition to this, any corrections and changes are immediately incorporated then and there. 

We use Microsoft Teams for communication, JIRA for project management and Hubstaff for providing live reporting all these good tools just google for more information, ensuring complete transparency in the work done. Our qualified and experienced team of professionals are also suited to handling the pressured of the work environment and are committed to giving their best results by working under pressure.


The four stages

Acube Innovations follows a detailed plan of action for the completion of the projects. Our team of professionals has adapted themselves to following the four basic stages of project development- planning, development, testing and final production release. In every phase of project development, we make sure to interact with you on a constant basis in order to keep you updated with the latest changes and events. Our team has a unique way of functioning and this is something that accounts for our expertise and reputation. We aim at keeping you involved at each stage of the project development process which ensures that you shall not be missing out on anything. This in turn, also allows you to understand the project and its intricacies quite efficiently.

1. Planning the project

Designing a blueprint of the project is extremely important as it helps us to get an idea about the direction in which we would want to move. All the aspects of the project are understood and worked upon. Our experienced project manager will lay the outline and objectives of the project and on the basis of that, will formulate tasks and activities on the basis of that. While deciding on the tasks that need to be performed, our team shall be involved in aggressive brainstorming and shall also keep you updated with the progress over skype or email. Since an offshore web development project does not include the physical presence, things can go downhill quite easily and it is because of this reason why we are in constant touch with our client and team. Efforts are made to make the best use of the available resources and integrate the team to unify their efforts in the direction of completion of the project.

2. Developmental stage

At Acube Innovations, our team has a high degree of understanding of the requirement of the industry and will make sure that all the expectations of the client shall be dealt with accordingly. The project leader assigned for your project shall analyse your requirements and on the basis of that, a customised plan shall be designed for you. Once this plan is prepared and everyone on the team is on board with it, various tasks shall be allocated to different team members and responsibility and accountability shall be created.
If you are curious to know the progress on a daily basis, the project manager shall comply with your request and you will be sent a daily update of the project. The daily project report is a document that keeps you acquainted with the day to day activities of the team.

3. Testing department

Once the project begins, it is completed in several parts. On the completion of each stage, we make sure to test all the parts thoroughly so that there are no discrepancies. The parameters for testing the project are also defined right in the planning stage. We make use of continuous integration methodology for the purpose of testing the program codes. This method allows us to test the codes continuously into the main project for the purpose of identifying the deviations. Upon the completion of the testing stage, we will make sure to upload the updates on the staging server.

4. Final release

Once the application or website is developed and tested, it becomes important to review the application against the targets set. This is of particular importance when it comes to making any requests for changes. Once the client approves of the changes, the project manager shall make changes and shift the code into the production process.
We are always dedicated to offering the best experience to our users and it is for this reason that we are always available round the clock. If you require details regarding our technical supervision, we shall be more than willing to brief you regarding the same. Our technical experts ensure that you shall not have to worry about anything in particular as we take care of the intricacies of the project.
Hire us to get deeper insights on your web development project as we bring the perfect amalgamation of technique and aesthetics. We bring together a team of individuals who are well suited to the environment of web development and can offer detailed insights about the feasibility of the project. Our team has professionals who have been a part of the industry for many significant years and it is for this reason that they are equipped with all the latest knowledge and tools for carrying out the project.
Contact us to know about the availability of the relevant packages and get in touch with our experts to check the feasibility of the project.

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